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Please upload any malware samples which are not yet detected by Portable Antivirus products along with suspicious and other miscellaneous files using the upload form above. If you having problem uploading a files, then try to use a different web browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.).

Choose a file to upload:

If you think our scanner has detected a clean file by mistake please select "False positive suspicion" from the drop down menu above. Note that suspicious files and false positives need to be uploaded separately. Please make sure you verified that the latest version will still detect the file and it is not a solved false alarm at this point in time.

Spam Emails:

Please do not submit spam emails to our analysis system. Spam is advertisement which does not contain any malicious content.

Several files at once:

In case you want to upload several suspicious files at the same time we suggest to use a common archiving software such as WinZIP, WinRAR, PKZip or Arj.

Submit via email:

Alternatively you can send suspicious files via email to Please make sure that you compress the files using a packer such as WinZIP, WinRAR, PKZip or Arj. Since some email gateways are equipped with antivirus software, you should also give the file(s) a password to prevent them from being unpacked inadvertently. Please make sure that you're using the password "infected". Please note that false positives have to be uploaded via web interface and marked as such.


If the suspicious file contains a new malware which is unknown to us at this point in time we will update our signature database. After that we'll be able to detect and - if technically possible - remove it.

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