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by Kamil Alta | Sunday, May 02, 2004 in |

Portable Antivirus is software to help people maintaining their Windows system from and after being infected by malware in one click of button. Portable Antivirus was built to remove viruses without need to restart their Windows after scan and repairing is done. With a Portable concept, this antivirus software can be easily distribute to any of removable drive such as Flash Drive, Memory stick, Portable Hard drive and so on.

Portable Antivirus can detect several of viruses including worm, Trojan, spy ware, ad ware and many more. Portable Antivirus cannot detect such as old 80’s viruses. Thus, the virus is almost impossible to run on NT-based system such as Windows XP and Vista. Portable Antivirus also has its own technology to detect future viruses. Like other commercial antivirus software, Heuristic technology is a must on every antivirus industry.

Information About Portable Antivirus Generation

Portable Antivirus 1.7
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Portable Antivirus 1.6

Portable Antivirus 1.5

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