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Portable Antivirus 1.6

by Kamil Alta | Thursday, May 06, 2004 in |

Portable Antivirus 1.6 is another upgraded new version from the previous one 1.5. A small, fast and advanced scanning engine making this antivirus the most people choice from around Asia.

The new version have many features such as repairing registry with advanced features, heuristics technologies, real-time scanning, can be updated from internet, come with few useful tools, more advanced configurations and the most important is keep it portable and easy to run anywhere when your PCs having problems.

Portable Antivirus 1.6 is currently in Beta version before releasing it into the new full version that compatible with all Windows platform. Currently, its work almost all Windows NT version including Windows 2000, XP and Vista.

You can download this version of Portable Antivirus by clicking here.

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